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In 1972 a young entrepreneur called Estebania García de León, known by her friends and family as Doña Estela, had a vision and took on the challenge to undertake and develop a business making typical puertorrican food in our very own “isla del encanto”Puerto Rico. She focused on perfecting taste of her culinary preparations and the sympathy that characterized her dearly of providing  good service and an experience to customers. In one of Puerto Rico’s most colorful and popular places to visit, Piñones sector in Loiza, Estela created an “alcapurrias” revolution. “Alcapurrias” are a typical stuffed fritter usually made with one or two starchy vegetables but, Estela decided to elaborate the alcapurrias process and add a third vegetable to give it a smoother and more elaborate taste which are, cassava, plantain and yautia. This new concept of “alcapurrias” had great impact and acceptance, giving the creator the opportunity to be called the pioneer of a new and the best fritters islandwide.
As the years passed, with a lot of dedication, passion and hard work Doña Estela, together with her sons, built a prestigious and high quality product focused on good taste, culinary preparations and the personalized service that they are characterized for,  achieving in this way the growth of one of the best seafood and Creole restaurants in the region, known today as DONDE OLGA Restaurant.

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