• Chillo con tostones
  • Mofongo Relleno de Pulpo
  • Paella de mariscos
  • Mofongo Rellleno de camarones
  • Chicharrones de Pollo con Arañitas
  • Ensalada de Langosta
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"I loved everything here, great service our waitress rocked the food was delicious and they need to charge more for their great food!!! We ate a whole lotta food for under 50 bucks and there was 5 of us eating and drinking❤️" — Maureen Garcia

"Friendly people, great service and a very relaxing environment." — Yesikamarie Dlvs

"Food was great and so was the service..." — Cassandra Mcduffy

"Excellente Servicio y buena comida." — Carmen D. Pastrana Torres

"La comida deliciosa... muy buen servicio... la pasamos bien... se los recomiendo". — Iván R. Lourido Alverio

"Great place to eat family time. ¡Great food!" — Alexander Vazquez

"If you want a delicious and authentic Puerto Rican cuisine then look no further. We had four adults and 3 kids and everyone enjoyed the food." — Brent Boies

"The best authentic island food I've ever had. Delicious..." — Awilda Latorre Padilla


"Cada vez que visito mi Isla tengo que parar aqui.." — Arturo Fuentes

"Had to go back a few times, most delicious food (and drinks!) on the island & LOVED the setting!" — Cher Smith

"Estuve ahí el domingo pasado y comí excelente filete de chillo a la criolla con mofongo. Ummmm delicioso!!" — María C Casillas

"Excellent seafood, great service very original decor." — Michael A Rodriguez

"Ricas las frituras y una paella fabulosa!!." — Noel Tirado Sierra

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Enjoy our delicious typical puertorrican food at one of Puerto Rico’s
most colorful and popular places to visit, Piñones sector in Loiza, Puerto Rico.

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In 1972 a young entrepreneur called Estebania García de León, known by her friends and family as Doña Estela, had a vision and took on the challenge to undertake and develop a business making typical puertorrican food in our very own “isla del encanto”Puerto Rico. She focused on perfecting taste of her culinary preparations and the sympathy that characterized her dearly of providing  good service and an experience to customers. In one of Puerto Rico’s most colorful and popular places to visit, Piñones sector in Loiza, Estela created an “alcapurrias” revolution. “Alcapurrias” are a typical stuffed fritter usually made with one or two starchy vegetables but, Estela decided to elaborate the alcapurrias process and add a third vegetable to give it a smoother and more elaborate taste which are, cassava, plantain and yautia. This new concept of “alcapurrias” had great impact and acceptance, giving the creator the opportunity to be called the pioneer of a new and the best fritters islandwide.
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Monday to Sunday
10:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Carr. 187 km. 4.5 Torrecilla Baja, Piñones,
Loiza P.R. Loiza

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